The eDART System” is the most comprehensive and powerful process monitoring and control system for plastic injection molding applications. It helps you gain control over the two greatest variables in injection molding: People and plastic. Today’s eDART lets you tailor the technology to suit your needs. But all eDART configurations have one thing in common: They provide the tools you need to go from good to great.

Here are some of the benefits of using the eDART System”:

  • Verify whether the right processes are running and running to template
  • Detect and contain short shots and other defects
  • Improve part quality to reduce or even eliminate manual handling
  • Have data for EVERY part made for traceability
  • View the status of all jobs from anywhere
  • Be notified whenever exceptions occur

RJG is a comprehensive system used in the plastics industry. RJG technology is recognized as the most precise and consistent method of producing high quality plastic parts.

E-S Plastics utilizes all aspects of the RJG program extensively, including processing strategy, commercial strain gauge cavity pressure sensors, and in-depth training as a total solution for precise plastic molding production.

Cavity Pressure Technology

As an intricate part of the RJG technology, cavity pressure sensing technology allows E-S Plastics to produce superior quality products through precise injection molding capabilities. Cavity pressure technology utilizes a number of sensors throughout the molding process in order to determine optimum results in the qualification process. This includes:

  • Relative Viscosity -Determines the optimum fill rate to reduce inconsistencies
  • Cavity Balance – Determines if cavities are properly filled
  • Gate Seal Analysis – Packs the same amount of plastic from shot to shot

eDart System

Combined with cavity pressure sensing technology, the eDart process control system provides the utmost precision in our plastic injection molding expertise. This system allows E-S Plastics to monitor and control the entire plastic injection molding process. E-S Plastics is able to pin point, diagnose, and resolve problems faster throughout the molding process. Also by utilizing Decoupled III process techniques, E-S Plastics can determine set cavity pressure limits that will reject all products below or above a certain limit.

Providing high quality products is our number one priority and we will take every precaution in guaranteeing all products meet all requirements.

Processing Optimization Requirements

  • The polymer molecular chain length of the plastic is one of the key variables that determines its properties
  • The molding process, if not done properly, has the potential to break the chains that existed before molding thereby reducing properties
  • The length of fiber additives such as glass, carbon or steel will also significantly affect physical properties
  • Again, the molding process if not done properly has the potential to break these fibers thereby reducing properties

We find engineers are constantly struggling with the fact that their designs do not meet the performance specifications predicted in their finite element analysis and simulation models. Often engineers look in every direction searching for solutions the material supplier, the simulation software, the assembly parameters to name a few without properly focusing on the science of the material and the implications of the drying and molding process.

RJG is the solution!