In-Mold Decorating

In mold decorating is done for multi-color or backlit applications

Insert Molding

This can be done during the molding process or as a secondary operation. Insert molding allows for metal thread, bolt, or bushings as an integral part of a plastic parts performance.

Multi-shot molding

This is a process where the finished part is delivered using two or more different types of resins, each having their own distinct properties. Most common application is where a rigid base material is molded in combination with a softer thermoplastic rubber to create a unique feel or appearance.


We have a vast experience in sub-assemblies to help reduce production line time at our customers. We can arrange to purchase assembly parts to provide a total solution approach to sourcing plastic parts. We can also package and drop ship finish products from our facilitates

Automated Machining

In this secondary operation, parts are machined to remove gates, add features, and to meet critical tolerances unachievable in the molding process.

Ultrasonic welding and insertion

Using equipment the utilizes frequencies to effectively melt two parts together, this process can be done at the press or as a secondary in the finishing department.

Hot Stamping

Adding company logos, special graphics, labels, and product identification is accomplished in this secondary operation. The process consists of heating an engineered design foil on to the surface of the plastic part.

Pad Printing

Similar to hot stamping, this process utilizes specialized inks to achieve the desired result. Pad printing is effective on flat, curved or irregular surfaces.